Alignment Health Services offers treatments in NeuroFascial Reset (NFR), Therapeutic Massage and Bio-feedback.

Ultimate Reset Session


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The holiday season may be a wonderful time for celebrations and indulgences, but it can also bring about some unwanted repercussions for our bodies. It’s not uncommon to feel sluggish or fatigued, and to experience a general sense of malaise. However, we have a solution to help get your body back on track. Our comprehensive package is designed to help you feel your absolute best. Every aspect is thoughtfully crafted to work harmoniously with your body’s natural systems.

As part of this all-inclusive program, we’ll start by flushing harmful toxins from your digestive system which will boost your immune system and leave you feeling revitalized. We’ll also rebalance your hormone system, which will help regulate your mood and increase your metabolism. But it doesn’t stop there! We’re also including a round of Digital Acupuncture to help reenergize every system in your body.

Investing in this top-tier package will give your body the care and rejuvenation it deserves, and you’ll be absolutely amazed at how refreshed and energized you’ll feel!

No previous scans required. Session is approximately 40 minutes long.