Alignment Health Services offers treatments in NeuroFascial Reset (NFR), Therapeutic Massage and Bio-feedback.

Immune System Booster

Don’t miss out on our incredible special offer – the Immune Boost package! With this package, you can take proactive steps to protect your health and improve your immunity as we head into flu season. We have curated a selection of supportive treatments that are specifically designed to target the key areas where your immunity resides. 

You’ll experience a complete treatment for your digestive system – which, did you know, is home to up to 70% of your immunity?

This treatment is complemented by a powerful boost to your respiratory system and targeted treatments for the most recent strains of influenza, colds and Coronaviruses. And that’s not all! As a bonus, you’ll also receive a digital acupuncture session that will energize your whole body and leave you feeling healthier.

There’s no need for a previous scan – just come in and let us help you fight flu season together.